If it seems that you haven't received your tokens yet, please check the following:

1) Have you restored your wallet at mainnet.alephzero.org? If you see TZERO instead of AZERO, you're on our Testnet. Please make sure you're on the right website.

2) If the above didn't help, please try to restore your wallet in a different way (mnemonic / seed instead of .json file or the other way around). You should try it as you may have mixed up different accounts.

3) Check your status on https://contribute.alephzero.org/ (ECA and KYC should be highlighted in green and there should be a green tick next to your contribution transaction).

4) Compare the wallet address of your restored wallet with the wallet address you mentioned on https://contribute.alephzero.org/. If it's a different address, you might've used a different account.

5) Please locate the .json file / mnemonic phrase (seed) for the wallet you provided during the contribution. If you don't have the private keys, then there's nothing the team can do for you.

Let us know in case of any issues!

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