As most of you know, our public sale has not been designed to sell out. Our goal has been to divide the coins as evenly as possible across all KYCd community members, and we believe we did a good job with that. Our priority has been to also avoid the first-come-first-serve basis as it would result in a gas war.

We are aware that the sale was executed in an unconventional fashion, too. It definitely put a strain on some of our team members, yet we still believe it was 100% worth it as a significant number of our community members mentioned that it has been the fairest sale process they’ve participated in. We’re grateful for recognizing our efforts.

At the very end of the public sale, we’ve informed you that the remaining 5M AZERO coins will be sold to the early community in a chronological fashion—and that’s what we’re confirming today.

How will it look like?

✅ 1000 tickets;

✅ 5000 AZERO per ticket;

✅ $0.1 per AZERO;

✅ 50% AZEROs unlocked, 50% vested linearly for 12 months counting from TGE (mainnet launch).

Offered to early birds, i.e. individuals who signed up on the Aleph Zero website prior to July 31st, 2021, and who:

✅ Concluded their KYC;

✅ Have accounts at our Contribute platform.


🐦 We begin on Friday, December 3rd. Every early bird will be able to express their interest in participating in the sale via You will have more than two days to confirm your interest. Remember that this is relevant only if you have an early bird status.

🧘 The team will cross-check your willingness to participate with the chronological order of when you've signed up to the project.

✅ We will confirm your eligibility via email. You will also see a new module in the Contribute platform.

🤝 The contribution process itself will then begin at 8 PM CET on Monday, December 6th, and will last until Tuesday, December 7th, until 11:59 PM CET.

🆘 We've refined our support at and invited more team members to assist via Intercom. It'll be the primary support channel during the process.


1️⃣ What do you plan to do if some tokens remain unsold in this round?

🅰️ They will return to Treasury and will be used for development and promotional activities.

2️⃣ This sale design doesn’t ensure that all early birds will be able to participate.

🅰️ There’s too much interest in the project and it’s impossible to accommodate everyone. Dividing the allocation evenly would result in tickets worth ~$150 USD. We decided to decrease the number of participants and increase the allocation size, as well as to honor the initial announcement about the chronological order.

3️⃣ What about community members that are not early birds?

🅰️ You might’ve heard that we’re working on two more things for our community: a quiz and a game. The quiz will not be an “exam” of the knowledge about the project but our way of establishing a group of beta testers of new features and products built by the Aleph Zero team. Our goal is to build a group of 50-100 people that would have access to early works of the team and be willing to provide feedback prior to market release. More details about this particular initiative will be disclosed at a later point.

4️⃣ Do I need to KYC again or sign the ECA?

🅰️ No.

5️⃣ Will I need to sign another ECA?

🅰️ No.

6️⃣ When will the AZEROs be distributed to my wallet?

🅰️ Within 14 days of concluding the round.

7️⃣ If I’m selected, and I’ve sent more funds during the public sale, can those funds be used for the allocation?

🅰️ Yes.

8️⃣ If I’m not selected, or I’m not an early bird, will I still need my Contribute account in the future?

🅰️ Yes. Stay tuned. 😉

9️⃣ Are presale participants allowed to buy in?

🅰️ No. This is solely for retail contributors.

💪 Remember that you’re still incredibly early. The team has been lucky to receive the amount of support from our community. We will continue to do our best to strenghten these relationships throughout multiple initiatives that will give you more exposure to AZERO.

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